After a whole day in the cafe, a couple of underwater fuckers were safely returning home. Krre, throwing his hands behind his head, looked at the boy and abruptly wanted to discuss something.
- Bler....
- Eh?
- Say fountain.
— ..Fountain?
— - Your underpants are their)))
— .....Ifuckedyourdeadmotheryounitseriouslyhaveyoueverseenmewearunderpantsespeciallyconsideringtheconditionsofourplaceofliving.??7??Okaysorry.
— :///|
— ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Okay, seriously, would you like to go to some shopping mall on the weekend? Well, there to buy some clothes..
— ...wellin principleitispossibletobehonestwithoutacluehowitisdifficulttogettherebecausethenearestsuchcenterisseveraltensofkilometersawayfromus.
- Bler...have you heard anything about undercurrents?
— 0_0....YesIhaveheardthatyouknowhowdangerousitistomove!!
— If we wrap ourselves in something, for example, with a concrete towel, then, in principle, it will be relatively safe. Plus, finally this useless attribute of hygiene will find a worthwhile use.
- well....Theprincipleisright.
— :P
By the time the dialogue ends, the bros have reached their home, where the pilot chapter ends. You didn't expect to watch them life on a regular basis, right?...